Federal election 2019: October 21

ACTRA is campaigning to Keep Canada on our Screens and we need your help. Our $9 billion film and television industry makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy. It’s more important than ever all levels of Canadian government understand, recognize and support our industry. This election website has all you need to know so you can play an active role in guiding the direction of our country for the next four years.

A message from your President

The federal election is around the corner and we’re asking ACTRA members to make their voices heard – and the best way to do this in an election year is on a local level. Just Ask your local candidates if they and their party support a strong film and television sector. Just Ask them where they stand on investment in Canadian content production. And, most importantly, make sure to get out and vote on October 21!

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ACTRA’s election priorities and resources

ACTRA puts issues affecting Canadian performers front and centre during election season so our members can make an informed decision before they cast their votes. Let’s Keep Canada on our Screens by putting Canadian stories and talent at the heart of our next government’s cultural policy. Download backgrounders and other campaign resources that shine a spotlight on the key cultural issues at stake.

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Compare federal parties and their platforms

Find out where each of the four main parties stands on issues affecting Canadian film, television and digital media industry workers.

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What you need to know about voting

Find out what you need to know before you go to the polls on October 21 or how to vote if you can’t cast your ballot in person on election day.

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Join our Just Ask campaign

ACTRA and other unions are mobilizing our members across Canada to attend all-candidates’ meetings and town halls. Here's how to introduce yourself and Just Ask candidates if they have what it takes to stand up for culture.

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